When learning minor 7th licks or any type of jazz licks, it is important to practice them in a musical context. This minor 7th licks study demonstrates how you can apply the minor 7th licks taught in different articles on this site into a musical situation.

Although each of the licks in this minor 7th licks study is featured in different articles, they may not sound exactly the same in this lesson. This is because I have adjusted them to sound musical using the concepts discussed in my ‘Introduction to Jazz Guitar Improvisation’ eBook.

The chord progression used in this minor 7th licks study is in the style of Miles Davis’ classic ‘So What’. But rather than been 32 bars this minor 7th licks chord progression is 16 bars.

This minor 7th licks etude comes with a demo recording and a backing track to practice the etude. Once you have studied and learned all the minor 7th licks in this solo I recommend using them as a basis for your own improvisation.

Rather than try and use all the licks in this article at once, practice one at a time over the different tunes that you are working on.

Click here to listen to backing track for the minor 7th licks study

Download the minor 7th lick study as a PDF

There are several concepts used in this study which are explained in their own lessons on this site. Links to each are included below this text.

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Minor 7th Licks Study


So What Minor 7th Licks Etudemp3


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