Learning to play jazz guitar means learning how to use jazz guitar enclosures. One of the most tasteful intervals to target and enclose is the third. Playing thirds is important when improvising, because it defines the most important aspect of the chord whether it’s major or minor.

Besides this, thirds are also very effective and easy to voice lead and are big parts of many bebop and jazz guitar licks. Almost every great jazz line incorporates them due to the voice leading and smoothness they add to the language and they are common in the bebop language.

Outlining thirds is essential for beginning jazz guitarist and is a great way to outline changes but it’s also something that can be lost when more advanced get involved with fancy scales.

In this audio lesson you will be learning how to outline the thirds by using enclosures. Remember to apply to the techniques you learn from this lesson to the other tune’s that  you’re working on.




Click here to listen to the full podcast on soundcloud, and feel free to download it so you can listen it offfline. Look below to find the resource sheet. What are your thoughts on targeting thirds over a blues? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


jazz guitar enclosures





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