Jazz Guitar Practice Resources

2 Guitar Picking Exercises to Develop Technique

Guitarists spend most of their practice time focusing on the left hand which is important when learning jazz guitar.

But time spent working on right hand guitar picking exercises can provide technique that will open up new possibilities on the instrument.

There are two guitar picking exercises in More >

6 Jazz Guitar Sight Reading Exercises

Jazz guitar sight reading exercises are an important part of learning how to play jazz guitar. Not every jazz guitarist chooses to read dots, but reading music is an essential skill that anyone can learn.

As a jazz guitar student myself I found sight reading difficult and quite frustrating to begin More >

How to Develop Musical Phrasing Using Silence

At some stage in learning to play jazz guitar, every guitarist gets to the point where they know the fretboard well enough to play the right notes over each chord without getting lost in the form, but despite this, some how the phrasing doesn’t quite sound jazzy.

This is one problem I faced More >

How To Get a Jazz Guitar Tone Without Spending Any Money

Besides knowing how to play jazz guitar, getting a jazz guitar tone that you are happy with is also important.  Perhaps you’re new to playing jazz and you haven’t played using a clean sound much in the past and are wondering how to dial in some darker jazz sounds.

Every guitarist spends time More >

5 Easy Steps To Effective Transcription

An aural tradition has always been part of learning how to play jazz guitar, because along with learning tunes and playing with other musicians it’s one of the most effective ways to get better as a musician.

There’s no doubt about it, all the masters paid their dues by slowing down old 78’s More >

5 Practice Limitations That Will You Make You a Better Guitarist

When you think how much time you spend practicing the guitar on a weekly basis, knowing how to practice guitar is essential so that we make the most improvement from the time spent.

One of the most common queries I get from my students is “here’s my practice schedule, I am practicing this, this More >

5 Ways to Bring Inspiration To Your Guitar Practice Schedule

Do you sometimes get bored of your guitar playing or feel that you’re stuck in a rut for what work on or play next? In this article I will be discussing five tips on how to bring Inspiration to your guitar practice schedule.

There are times when learning how to play jazz guitar when we feel that More >

How to Sight Read Guitar Easily

No doubt about it Learning to sight read guitar parts is an important part of playing jazz guitar. Everyone has heard the classic joke, “How do you make a guitarist turn down? Put some sheet music in front of them”.

Having being in many sight reading situations myself and with other guitarists More >

3 Ways to Take Your Jazz Guitar Chord Melodies To The Next Level

When I first started playing jazz guitar chord melodies to better my chord chops, I never took the time to actually think about what I was doing. All I knew was that I was in charge of playing the chords and the melody at the same time, and that it was much harder to do both at once than either More >

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