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Pat Martino Licks for Jazz Guitar

This article contains 13 Pat Martino licks for jazz guitar. The task of learning all the notes on all the strings of the guitar can be a long process. Many notes on the guitar can be found in more than one place, in the same octave. As one of the instrument’s top players, Pat Martino also has a More >

Learn 5 Essential BB King Licks Today

BB King licks are an essential part of developing a well rounded blues language.

In this article I have written out 5 BB King licks that showcase BB’s signature slow blues guitar style by demonstrating the techniques he’s known for such as raking, vibrato, the BB box and jazz guitar More >

Play Blues Like Kenny Burrell

In this lesson I will be showing how to solo over a jazz blues progression in the style of guitarists such as Kenny Burrell, Grant Green and Howard Roberts. Learning to improvise over the jazz blues progression is an essential part of learning how to play jazz guitar.

These jazz guitarists use More >

Play Like Wes Montgomery Today

Wes Montgomery is to jazz is what Jimi Hendrix was to rock and this lesson explains a few key ways that will help you play like Wes Montgomery. Hardly an obscure jazz guitarist, along with Charlie Christian and Django Wes is one of, or perhaps the greatest influence of jazz guitar.

Besides the More >

Billy Bean Bebop Workout

Regular readers of my website might recognize Billy Bean from the’4 Obscure Jazz Guitarists You Need to Know’ article published last year. If you haven’t read this article yet, you can find out about Billy Bean and 3 other lesser known jazz guitarists by clicking this link.

In short, Billy More >

4 Great British Jazz Guitarists You Need To Know About

As a follow up to the ‘4 Obscure Jazz Guitarists You Need to Know’ article I published a few months ago I have decided to write an article on 4 great British jazz guitarists that international readers might not be aware of.

Don’t worry there’s still plenty of great lesser known classic jazz More >

4 Obscure Jazz Guitarists You Need To Know About

When it comes to learning and playing jazz guitar there are certain players that are hardly obscure jazz guitarists and mentioned frequently for good reason.

As much as I enjoy listening to the jazz guitar greats everyone knows I can’t help but think there are certain jazz guitarists that never More >

Play Guitar Like Charlie Christian By Using Worry Notes

Who better to start off this new instalment of the ‘Play Like The Greats’ series than studying how to play guitar like Charlie Christian.

Along with Wes Montgomery and Django Reinhart, Christian is often considered one of the three biggest names of the jazz guitar world.

Christian has More >

Play Green Dolphin Street like 3 Jazz Guitar Legends

From: Sam Smiley Green Dolphin Street Guest Post

First, I want to thank Jamie for hosting me as a guest poster.  I truly appreciate his generosity and feel honored that he has invited me on to contribute to his site!  On to the jazz…!

One great way to get into a standard and study jazz More >

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