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Pat Martino Licks for Jazz Guitar

This article contains 13 Pat Martino licks for jazz guitar. The task of learning all the notes on all the strings of the guitar can be a long process. Many notes on the guitar can be found in more than one place, in the same octave. As one of the instrument’s top players, Pat Martino also has a More >

Learn Jazz Guitar with 1 Practice Strategy

This article explains how to learn jazz guitar with a simple practice technique. Maybe you’re fortunate enough to be a full-time professional jazz musician and you have dozens of tunes under your fingers and in your head. Maybe you can play as if you’ve been playing them for years. What? That’s not More >

Minor 7#5 Chord Theory and Application

The harmonic structure known as a minor 7th #5 chord (m7#5) is a relative obscurity in modern music. This is likely due to the fact that it is not a naturally occurring chord in the major scale or any of the principal minor (harmonic, melodic) scales. Another explanation is because generally More >

Dave Biller: More Than Just a Pedal Steel Player

Thankfully, the internet and YouTube have made discovering new musicians all over the world easier than ever. Several fantastic guitar players in countries I’ve never been to have made their way onto my computer screen and one of these is the Texas based Dave Biller.

Dave Biller has toured and More >

How High the Moon Chord Study

This lesson presents a How High The Moon chord study. How High the Moon is a popular jazz standard which is well worth learning and adding to your repertoire.

This article explains how the How High the Moon chord progression can be played using inner string movements.

The How High the Moon chord More >

1 Essential Guitar Triad Exercise

This article teaches one essential guitar triad exercise. When learning jazz guitar chords, one chord type that is frequently neglected is the triad.

While major, dominant and minor 7th chords are indeed the four main chord types used in jazz, the triad is worth focusing on. Having a firm grasp of More >

Beginner Jazz Improvisation

This lesson teaches beginner jazz Improvisation using jazz scales and rhythms.

The idea of improvising in a jazz context can initially seem quite daunting to many beginner jazz guitarists, especially after they have heard a player such as Charlie Parker or John Coltrane. While both of these players More >

Jimmie Vaughan Guitar Lesson

This article is a Jimmie Vaughan guitar lesson that focuses mostly on Jimmie’s later guitar style in his solo career.

Some of the greatest “white blues” recordings of all time are the early Fabulous Thunderbirds albums which feature Jimmie Vaughan on guitar.

9 Must Know Electric Blues Guitar More >

Do You Know These 2 Outside Soloing Concepts?

When learning to play jazz guitar, outside soloing concepts are a must know for those that are comfortable with outlining basic chord progressions diatonically.

This lesson demonstrates 2 outside soloing concepts using the same substitution. The soloing concept used in this lesson is moving up the More >

How to Play Minor 9th Chords on Guitar

When learning to play jazz guitar chords, one chord type that can add spice to your chord soloing and comping is the minor 9th chord.

This article explains an easy way method which will produce minor 9th chords by using major 7 drop chords as well as some other commonly used shapes by jazz More >

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