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Find in depth guides of jazz tunes with tab, notation and audio examples to expand your knowledge of jazz tunes.

3 Autumn Leaves Chord Progression Studies

Learning the Autumn Leaves chord progression is an important part of learning jazz guitar. Besides being one of the most commonly played standards at jam sessions, the Autumn Leaves chord progression is a great study for major and minor ii V I chords.

90% of the Autumn Leaves chord progression More >

How to Play Blue Bossa on Guitar

In this lesson I will be teaching you how to play Blue Bossa on guitar. Blue Bossa is one of the first standards that many jazz guitarists learn, mainly because the progression is a great workout for playing over both major and minor ii-V-I’s, but even the seasoned jazz guitarist still enjoys a More >

How to Play Autumn Leaves on Guitar

Earlier this week on my Facebook Page I mentioned that I was going to revive the tune study section of my website and asked readers what standard they would like to see a new article on. While everyone had good suggestions, the tune I got requested the most for was how to play Autumn Leaves on More >

Happy Birthday Chord Melody Arrangement

You’re out playing a gig with your combo at a packed jazz club, and during the bass solo you notice someone eagerly waiting to ask you something at the edge of the stage.

After the song has finished, the person comes up to you and politely asks “it’s my friend’s birthday tonight, can you More >

10 Must Know Jazz Standards Every Guitarist Should Know

A couple of weeks ago on my Facebook page I asked my readers what they would like to see an article about which is the result of this 10 must know jazz standards article.

Reader David M said he would like to see an article on “the best standards to practice”. Although, I already published an More >

How to Play Wave on Guitar

Learning licks, chords and theory it’s all great but we need to be applying them to tunes that we are working on so that we can get the full use of them, so today we’ll be checking out how to play wave on guitar.

I have started this new series is to provide an in depth analysis of standards More >

5 Effective Ways to Learn Jazz Standards

One of the most effective ways that you can get better as a jazz guitarist is by knowing how to learn jazz standards on the guitar. Standards give us an application in which to utilize the things that we have been working on in the practice room.

As a teacher one of the most common things I hear is More >

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