Jazz Tunes

Find in depth guides of jazz tunes with tab, notation and audio examples to expand your knowledge of jazz tunes.

How High the Moon Chord Study

This lesson presents a How High The Moon chord study. How High the Moon is a popular jazz standard which is well worth learning and adding to your repertoire.

This article explains how the How High the Moon chord progression can be played using inner string movements.

The How High the Moon chord More >

4 All The Things You Are Improvisation Exercises

This article presents 3 all the things you are improvisation exercises arranged for jazz guitar to help better your jazz guitar playing.

All the things you are, often abbreviated to AATYA, is a commonly played standard at gigs and jams.

The cyclic chord progression is great for practising chords, More >

5 Essential Beginner Guitar Instrumental Songs

Finding beginner guitar instrumental songs that sound good and aren’t too difficult to play can be challenging.

In my early days of guitar teaching I used to teach folk melodies like When The Saints Go Marching In, Pop Goes The Wesel and Yankee Doodle.

While a few younger students took to these More >

3 Essential So What Improvisation Exercises

This article teaches 3 So What improvisation exercises for jazz guitar to help better your jazz guitar soloing skills.

One of the most commonly played jazz standards is the Miles Davis classic So What.

So What is a 32 bar modal progression that switches between two key centers, D minor and Eb More >

stella by starlight guitar solo

Stella By Starlight Guitar Solo

One of the most commonly played jazz standards is Stella By Starlight. Composed by Victor Young, Stella by Starlight is a harmonically rich 32 bar chord progression.

This Stella by Starlight guitar solo is arranged for solo guitar and features an abundance of jazz guitar comping techniques and More >

Do You Know These 3 Beginner Jazz Guitar Songs?

One of the most important aspects to learning jazz guitar is building up a repertoire.

But, with there been so many jazz standards to learn, which ones are best suited for beginner students to focus on?

This article contains five beginner jazz guitar songs that are suitable for new jazz More >

Yesterdays Chord Study for Jazz Guitar

Yesterdays is a 16 bar jazz standard composed by Jerome Kern. The Yesterdays chord progression features minor ii-Vs and a cyclic dominant 7th middle section.

The melody and feel of the song is very similar to the jazz standard Alone Together.

The first four bars are usually played as a minor I VI More >

Solar Chord Study for Jazz Guitar

One of the most commonly played jazz standards is Solar. Composed by the jazz guitarist Chuck Wayne, Solar is a 16 bar chord progression with both long and short ii-V progressions.

Aside from the first two bars, the entire Solar chord progression uses ii V I’s that modulate down a tone.

The first More >

4 Minor Swing Chord Studies for Jazz Guitar

4 minor swing chord studies for jazz guitar are presented in this article. Each study varies in difficultly. The first three etudes are for beginner to intermediate students. The third study is more harmonically advanced with faster chord changes aimed at advanced players who want to develop their More >

3 Take the A Train Chords Studies for Guitar

No doubt about it, the Take the A Train chord progression is one of the most commonly played set of changes in jazz.

Besides being a great tune in it’s own right, the A section of the Take The A Train chords is used in countless other tunes. Songs such as The Girl From Ipanema, So Danco Samba and More >

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