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Charlie Christian Licks

5 Charlie Christian Licks for Jazz Guitar

Charlie Christian is often considered the grandfather of the electric jazz guitar which is why I decided to write a study of 5 signature Charlie Christian licks that can take your jazz guitar improvisation to the next level.

Many standards around that time period feature fast tempo cycling dominant More >

Dorian Licks 4

5 Must Know Dorian Licks for Jazz Guitar

Dorian licks are a common part of developing jazz language and therefore a big part of learning how to improvise in a jazz setting. No doubt about it, every guitarist needs to know their scales inside out, but quite often I teach guitarists who know a bunch of scales but don’t know how to use them More >

Charlie Parker Lick

Increase Your Vocabulary with a Charlie Parker Lick

When learning to play bebop jazz guitar, a study of Charlie Parker’s language and style is a must. In his short life Parker was one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time and his legacy can be heard in almost every jazz musician in the last 60 years or so.

Many of the early bebop jazz More >

Joe Pass Lick

1 Fast Joe Pass Lick Every Guitarist Can Play

Besides developing good comping chops, every guitarist is always searching for new vocabulary to bring new sounds into their playing. But besides just learning cool licks, it is also important that to analyze them to get the most usage. By seeing why and how licks work, you can use them in More >

II V I Bebop Lick 1

II V I Bebop Lick Video Lesson

Developing a good vocabulary is essential when learning to play jazz guitar, and one of the most common progressions that you need countless lines and ideas over is the ii-V-I. In today’s video lesson I show you how to play a cool II V I bebop lick that uses enclosures and forths within the More >

JazzBlues Lick 2

Jazz Blues Guitar Lick Video Lesson

Quite often I get asked about using traditional jazz blues guitar lick when improvising.

Developing a good balance of bebop and traditional down home blues licks is essential when learning how to play jazz guitar, especially for those interested in playing like the jazz guitar greats such as More >

Beginning Phrase 1 Endings

The Secret to Developing a Jazz Language

Transcribing lines and solo’s while developing a jazz language is an essential ingredient in any guitarist’s practice schedule when learning jazz guitar.

Let’s be honest though, how many of us have transcribed 4 choruses of a solo and never use a single lick you took down?

Don’t worry, we’ve all More >

Lick of the Day Miles Davis MM on So What JPG

Jazz Guitar Lick Video Lesson – Miles Davis So What m7 Lick

Miles Davis was a master improviser, there’s no doubt about that.

But what made him such a stellar jazz musician wasn’t necessarily his chops or flash, but his strong sense of melody and ability to find just the right notes for the right moment in his solos.

In this jazz guitar lick video lesson, More >

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