Jazz Guitar Licks

Funky Grant Green Lick Lesson

When learning jazz guitar licks, there are few better jazz musicians to study than Grant Green.

Grant Green was a master of both the bebop and blues language and is one of the most accessible players for beginner jazz guitarists to transcribe.

This lesson teaches how to play a funky and bluesy More >

stella by starlight guitar solo

Stella By Starlight Guitar Solo

One of the most commonly played jazz standards is Stella By Starlight. Composed by Victor Young, Stella by Starlight is a harmonically rich 32 bar chord progression.

This Stella by Starlight guitar solo is arranged for solo guitar and features an abundance of jazz guitar comping techniques and More >

3 Essential Major 7th Licks for Guitar


Learning to play over each chord type is an important part of developing a jazz guitar vocabulary.

This article contains five major 7th licks that can be used to improvise over any type of major chord, such as major 7ths, major 9ths, and major 6th chords.

Each of these licks contains a strong More >

Blues Scale Licks for Guitar Bars 1 - 4

Blues Scale Licks Guitar Study

This article contains 5 blues scale licks to help expand your jazz guitar vocabulary and soloing skills.

The blues scale licks are presented in a 12 bar blues etude in conjunction with chords.

The formula for this etude is always one bar of a shell voicing using the charleston rhythm followed by More >

5 Modal Licks for Guitar

Modal licks are an important part of learning jazz guitar. Besides spending time learning the different modes, it is also important to practice making music with them.

This article contains 5 modal licks for guitar. Each of the 5 modal licks uses different modes and are applied over different chord More >

So What Minor 7th Licks Etude

Minor 7th Licks Study for Jazz Guitar

When learning minor 7th licks or any type of jazz licks, it is important to practice them in a musical context. This minor 7th licks study demonstrates how you can apply the minor 7th licks taught in different articles on this site into a musical situation.

Although each of the licks in this minor More >

5 Modern Jazz Guitar Licks

This article aims to show you how to play 5 modern jazz guitar licks that capture the sounds of current jazz guitarists.

The modern jazz guitar licks in this article are particularly inspired by players such as Pat Metheny, Alan Holdsworth Kurt Rosenwinkel and Jonathan Kreisberg.

Jazz guitar is More >

5 Jonathan Kreisberg Licks for Guitar

This article features 5 Jonathan Kreisberg licks arranged for jazz guitar.

One of my most requested lesson topics is modern jazz guitar so these Jonathan Kreisberg licks should help you get some modern flavour into your jazz guitar improvisation.

Each of these Jonathan Kreisberg licks demonstrates More >

5 Minor Blues Guitar Licks

In this lesson I have written out 5 minor blues guitars licks with audio examples, tab and notation.

The first blues progressions guitarists get introduced to is usually the major blues which can result in the minor blues getting neglected so this article should help balance out the two More >

5 ii V I Licks for Jazz Guitar

In this article I have written out 5 ii V I licks in notation, tab, and audio to help take your improvisational skills to the next level over the most commonly used progression in jazz.

Each of these licks uses different rhythmic and harmonic techniques discussed in depth on seperate articles on More >

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