Jazz Guitar Chords

4 Minor Swing Chord Studies for Jazz Guitar

4 minor swing chord studies for jazz guitar are presented in this article. Each study varies in difficultly. The first three etudes are for beginner to intermediate students. The third study is more harmonically advanced with faster chord changes aimed at advanced players who want to develop their More >

5 Jazz Guitar Chord Studies

Practice time spent working on jazz guitar chord studies is an important part of a jazz guitar practice routine. This article contains 5 jazz guitar chord studies that are applied over common jazz chord progressions to take your comping to the next level.

Each of the chord studies is applied to the More >

8 Really Useful Dominant 7th Chord Inversions

Dominant 7th chord inversions are an important part learning jazz guitar chords. This article aims to teach you how to play 8 different dominant 7th chord inversions that are used in jazz and blues guitar playing.

The dominant 7th chord inversions in this article are unaltered dominant 7ths that More >

3 Take the A Train Chords Studies for Guitar

No doubt about it, the Take the A Train chord progression is one of the most commonly played set of changes in jazz.

Besides being a great tune in it’s own right, the A section of the Take The A Train chords is used in countless other tunes. Songs such as The Girl From Ipanema, So Danco Samba and More >

3 Autumn Leaves Chord Progression Studies

Learning the Autumn Leaves chord progression is an important part of learning jazz guitar. Besides being one of the most commonly played standards at jam sessions, the Autumn Leaves chord progression is a great study for major and minor ii V I chords.

90% of the Autumn Leaves chord progression More >

Suspended Chord Etude for Jazz Guitar

Learning how to play suspended chords on guitar is an important part of building up a jazz guitar comping vocabulary.

Using suspended chords in place of dominant 7th chords is a great way to add some fresh sounds into your comping. Especially when applied over a progression that is known to More >

How to Play Sus4 Chords for Jazz Guitar

Though not as common as other chord types, the suspended 4th is a refreshing and ambiguous sounding chord sound to add to your vocabulary when learning jazz guitar chords.

Sus is short for suspended. Sus4 chords replace the third of the chord with a fourth. The absence of a third means that the More >

How to Play 6th Chords on Guitar

6th chords are essential chords to learn when developing knowledge of jazz guitar chords.

When learning jazz guitar chords, guitarists tend to focus on learning the main chord types such as major 7, dominant 7, minor 7 and minor 7b5.

One chord type that can be added to your chord dictionary in More >

How to Comp Walking Bass Guitar Lines like Joe Pass

Walking bass guitar is an important comping style for any jazz guitarist to study when learning how to play jazz guitar chords.

If you are new to playing walking bass guitar lines and want to learn an easy method for learning them, I highly recommend checking out this guide that I published before More >

5 Rock Guitar Riffs for Jazz Guitar

No matter how much of a jazzer you are, every guitarist I know (including myself) gets the occasional urge to crank up the volume, dig in, and play some rock guitar riffs.

Even if the distortion pedal is gathering dust in the wardrobe, classic rock riffs are the reason many of us first got More >

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