30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar Comping

How to Play Triads on Guitar

Learning hip chords solos, solo jazz guitar arrangements, and cool voicings techniques is great, but something guitarists tend to neglect working on is the simplest chord types of all traids. In today’s instalment of the series I will be showing you how to play triads on guitar by explaining how More >

How to Play Jazz Guitar Intros

“I notice a lot of guitarists who are very good players but don’t seem to know some of the basic procedures of playing with a group and playing before an audience. One of the things is knowing how to take an intro” – Joe Pass

In the last couple of articles we’ve been looking at jazz More >

5 Must Know Jazz Guitar Ending Licks

Throughout my career as a professional jazz guitarist I have often being the one who the singer looks at to end a tune. Knowing a variety of ways to end a tune is not only useful for songs that we are working on, but it is also useful in real life situations.

If you know how to end many different More >

Jazz Guitar Endings Guide

In other lessons from the 30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar Series such as bossa nova comping and creating walking bass lines I have stressed how important it is to keep chords simple to keep consistent groove throughout a piece, however there’s one place in a tune that almost every jazz guitarist More >

Chord Melody Guitar Guide

Creating chord melodies and playing solo arrangements is one of the most fun things about playing jazz guitar, so this this lesson will focus on how to play chord melody guitar by looking into 5 ways you can harmonize and embelish a melody with chords.

Although the series has already featured an More >

4 Ways to Comp with Another Chordal Instrument

One question that comes up from jazz guitarists all the time is how to comp jazz guitar with another guitarist or a pianist?

While each situation is different and presents its own circumstances, there are a few tips I’ve picked up over the years that have helped me when it comes to these More >

Rhythm Changes Comping Etude

As a follow up to yeserday’s Rhythm Changes comping lesson, here’s a cool full etude that demonstrates some of the techniques discussed over a full rhythm changes progression. Many of the comping and voice leading techniques in this lesson were shown to me by the fantastic jazz guitarist Jiannis More >

How to Comp Rhythm Changes

The rhythm changes is one of mine and many other musician’s favorite forms to comp and blow over when learning jazz guitar. Today’s instalment of 30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar Comping will focus on how to comp rhythm changes using a variety of different approaches such as walking bass lines and More >

3 Proven Ways to Thoroughly Learn Chord Progressions

When learning jazz guitar chords, learning standards and progressions is also important so that you can apply the comping, chord solos and chord melody arrangements you learn, but what is the best way to really learn a chord progression?

I am sure at some stage in our developments we’ve tried to More >

How to Play Shell Voicings on Guitar

So far in this series we’ve looked at how we can better our jazz guitar playing by learning a range of chords available to us on the guitar such as quartal voicings, diminished shapes, closed-position chords and symmetrical diminished voicings amongst many others.

Shell voicings are perhaps the More >

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