Jazz Guitar Chords

Minor 7#5 Chord Theory and Application

The harmonic structure known as a minor 7th #5 chord (m7#5) is a relative obscurity in modern music. This is likely due to the fact that it is not a naturally occurring chord in the major scale or any of the principal minor (harmonic, melodic) scales. Another explanation is because generally More >

How High the Moon Chord Study

This lesson presents a How High The Moon chord study. How High the Moon is a popular jazz standard which is well worth learning and adding to your repertoire.

This article explains how the How High the Moon chord progression can be played using inner string movements.

The How High the Moon chord More >

1 Essential Guitar Triad Exercise

This article teaches one essential guitar triad exercise. When learning jazz guitar chords, one chord type that is frequently neglected is the triad.

While major, dominant and minor 7th chords are indeed the four main chord types used in jazz, the triad is worth focusing on. Having a firm grasp of More >

How to Play Minor 9th Chords on Guitar

When learning to play jazz guitar chords, one chord type that can add spice to your chord soloing and comping is the minor 9th chord.

This article explains an easy way method which will produce minor 9th chords by using major 7 drop chords as well as some other commonly used shapes by jazz More >

How to Play Dominant 7#9 Chords on Guitar

When learning jazz guitar chords, one essential chord every guitarist should know is the dominant 7#9 chord.

Often referred to as the Hendrix or Purple Haze chord, the dominant 7#9 chord is a blues chord because it contains both the major and minor 3rd.

Blues based jazz guitarists such as Kenny More >

Jazz Guitarist’s Guide to Creating a 2 Feel

When comping in duo situations, the guitarist’s first call comping technique is usually walking bass lines with chords.

The bass lines in this technique are usually played in quarter note rhythms with the chord on 1+.

While this rhythm is effective, another feel that can be employed to create a More >

stella by starlight guitar solo

Stella By Starlight Guitar Solo

One of the most commonly played jazz standards is Stella By Starlight. Composed by Victor Young, Stella by Starlight is a harmonically rich 32 bar chord progression.

This Stella by Starlight guitar solo is arranged for solo guitar and features an abundance of jazz guitar comping techniques and More >

Yesterdays Chord Study for Jazz Guitar

Yesterdays is a 16 bar jazz standard composed by Jerome Kern. The Yesterdays chord progression features minor ii-Vs and a cyclic dominant 7th middle section.

The melody and feel of the song is very similar to the jazz standard Alone Together.

The first four bars are usually played as a minor I VI More >

Solar Chord Study for Jazz Guitar

One of the most commonly played jazz standards is Solar. Composed by the jazz guitarist Chuck Wayne, Solar is a 16 bar chord progression with both long and short ii-V progressions.

Aside from the first two bars, the entire Solar chord progression uses ii V I’s that modulate down a tone.

The first More >

3 Reharmonization Techniques Every Guitarist Should Know

Learning jazz reharmonization techniques is not only a great way to develop jazz comping skills but it also expands application of jazz substitutions and superimpositions.

Reharmonization techniques are often required for solo jazz guitar arrangements to create interest, interpretation and More >

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