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Learn Jazz Guitar Rhythm Patterns Today

The following article about jazz guitar rhythm is a chapter from my new eBook ‘Introduction to Jazz Guitar Improvisation’ which is an in in depth study of jazz guitar for any kind of player.

Although it would take an entire book to properly explore rhythm  in detail, I wrote this article to be an More >

Major ii V I Outline 1 JPG

5 Must Know Major ii-V-I Outlines for Guitar

By: Matt Warnock

When learning how to play jazz guitar, one of the most important skills to get under your fingers and in your ears is the ability to correctly and musically outline short, major ii-V-I chord progressions in your solos.

In today’s lesson we’ll be looking at 5 common and More >

Chromatic Approach Note ii V I Lick

Do You Use These Chromatic Approach Notes?

You are at the point where you know your scales and arpeggios across the guitar neck well enough to play the right notes over each chord, but something about your improvisation still doesn’t sound jazzy.

I faced this problem myself, and it’s something that many of my student’s ask me about. More >

3 Must Know Ways to Improvise Over Major 7 Chords

In this lesson I will be teaching you how to improvise over major 7 chords by implying the Lydian sound. The major 7th #11 chord is sometimes referred to as a Lydian chord and usually written as a #11, #4 or b5 major7 chord. Feeling comfortable soloing over and comping the major 7#11 chord type is More >

Play What You Hear with a 2 Note Exercise

One of the most common pieces of advice I hear is “play what you hear”. While this might seem like simple advice at first, what does it really mean, and how do we get the sounds we want into our ears?

When I am teaching jazz guitar to students one problem that I often see is that the student’s More >

Jazz Guitar Licks: How to Play One Lick Over Four Chords

Transcribing jazz guitar licks and solo’s is an essential skill that every guitarist does to improve their playing. Not only does it help our aural skills, but appyling what we learn from transribing is a a sure way to sound ‘jazzy’ when you’re playing over a tune.

Once a line has been More >

Jazz Guitar Enclosures Podcast: Targeting 3rds Over a Blues

Learning to play jazz guitar means learning how to use jazz guitar enclosures. One of the most tasteful intervals to target and enclose is the third. Playing thirds is important when improvising, because it defines the most important aspect of the chord whether it’s major or minor.

Besides this, More >

Chord Substitution vs Chord Superimposition: How to Play 2 Chords at The Same Time

One of the most difficult concepts that I see students struggling with as they learn how to play jazz guitar, is being able to see one chord on a leadsheet, or hear it being played by their bandmates, while playing a different chord over top of that change. Though it is tough to really get this More >

An Easy Approach for Playing Over Major 7 and Major 7#11 Chords

In this lesson we are going to be looking at a cool substitute that you can easily apply over Lydian/Major7#11 chords, which will also work and give extra spice when we are improvising over standard major 7 chords.

First of all, if there is anyone wondering what a Major 7 #11 chord is, it is simply More >

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