Guitar Practice

Guitar Practice Week 4: Learning New Tunes and Evaluating My Own Playing

This week has been the busiest since the start of the new term yet.

Most of my time was devoted to working on my upcoming jazz guitar ebook, teaching students, writing new articles, rehearsing with other musicians and answering emails, however I did manage to devote some time to my practice More >

Guitar Practice Routine Week 3: 3 over 4 Polyrhythm Workout

The third week in my practice schedule proved to be my most effective yet due to some 3 over 4 polyrhythm and 4 over 3 workouts.

I’ve started to notice big improvements in my playing after staying back at college a few nights a week to get some focused practice done with no distractions.

While it More >

Guitar Practice Routine: Guitar Slash Chords Chart & Further Triplet Practice

After feeling happy about how my first week of practice had gone, I was feeling very optimistic about the second week as I had much more time to work on a guitar slash chord chart and more rhythmic workouts.

With only a couple of guitar lessons to teach, custom videos to make, articles to write, More >

Guitar Practice Routine: A Soulful Start

The first week back at LCM was great; catching up and jamming with friends who I hadn’t seen for a few months, and I got to work on some great ways on how to practice triplets.

I was asked to do a dep gig for a great local soul band ‘Soul Definition’, so most of my time was spent learning 30 More >

Guitar Practice Routine: An Introduction

As some readers of this website will know I am currently studying for my BA in Jazz at the prestigious Leeds College of Music in West Yorkshire, England.

This year (September 2012 – May 2013) will be my final year studying at LCM and to obtain my BA Jazz degree I will need to pass three More >

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