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Learn Jazz Guitar with 1 Practice Strategy

This article explains how to learn jazz guitar with a simple practice technique. Maybe you’re fortunate enough to be a full-time professional jazz musician and you have dozens of tunes under your fingers and in your head. Maybe you can play as if you’ve been playing them for years. What? That’s not More >

Beginner Jazz Guitar Lesson - AL Solo

Beginner Jazz Guitar Lesson Practice Schedule

This article is a beginner jazz guitar lesson. One question I frequently get from readers all over is the world is “I am a beginner jazz guitarist, what should I practice?” This article is aimed at someone who has never played jazz before and wants the best approach to learning it.

This jazz More >

A Jazz Guitar Practice Routine That Works

One of the most popular questions I get asked is “how do I build an effective jazz guitar practice routine?” Considering all the different elements that make up learning jazz guitar, it is no surprise that guitarists feel overwhelmed about what to practice.

I was never very good at having a More >

Preparing For A Solo Jazz Guitar Gig

Since my recital practice series is on a break until the New Year, I thought sharing some tips on how I’ve been preparing for my first solo jazz guitar gig on New Years Eve would make an interesting article and give you an insight of what I’ve been working on that might help you learn how to More >

Guitar Practice Week 11: Back In The Game

This week marks the last of the first term of my 3rd year at the Leeds College of Music, where I am studying for my BA in Jazz Guitar.

I’ve had a great term working on material for my new projects, jamming with some great musicians, writing new lessons for the site and getting some good practice More >

Guitar Practice Week 9 and 10: Pat Metheny James Etude and 2 Kurt Rosenwinkel Licks

For this instalment of the Recital Guitar Practice Series I have included the last two weeks because I have been primarily been working on the same transcription, so I’ve included extra examples to make up for last week’s entry. This week features a cool triadic etude over the bridge over Pat More >

Guitar Practice Week 8: Guitar Warm Up Exercise

This week’s practice and preparation for my final recitals has included a lot of transcribing, scale work outs, rehearsals, and seeing two great jazz saxophone gigs: Jerry Bergonzi’s trio and the Charles McPherson quartet. I also share a cool guitar warm up exercise.

Seeing gigs is part of More >

Guitar Practice Week 7: Getting The Most From A Lick and a Cool Johnny Smith Pattern

This week I have been working on arranging tunes for major jazz recital, gaining new vocabulary, working on new tunes, and contining with topcs discussed in last week’s sesion to become a better jazz guitarist.

Having finally got a solid line up for my major rectital band, we had the first proper More >

Guitar Practice Week 6: One Scale Exercise Every Guitarist Should Know

This week my jazz guitar practice has included working on new tunes for my recitals, organising a first rehearsal, open triad voicings and cool scale exercises to become a better jazz guitarist.

Most colleges around this time are on a study/reading week, but not me. With my upcoming jazz guitar More >

Guitar Practice Week 5: Triadic Workout and Pat Metheny Lick

This week’s practice has been some of the most fun and enjoyable yet because I’ve focused on a few on my favourite jazz lesson topics; new jazz language, getting better rhythm chops and learning new repertoire. This week showcases a cool Pat Metheny polyrhythmic tetrachord lick.

My major and More >

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