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Sweet Home Chicago

How to Play Sweet Home Chicago

In this blues lesson I will be teaching you how to play ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ on guitar. Any blues guitar fan will have heard ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ at some point either from the original recording by Robert Johnson or one of the other countless renditions of the classic tune.

Because there More >

learn how to play blues guitar chords

Learn How to Play Blues Guitar Chords Video Lesson

Earlier this week on my Facebook Page I asked what topic readers would like to see a video lesson on and reader wanted to learn how to play blues guitar chords using some jazz voicings. Besides the dotted chunk a chunk rhythms, there are lush jazz voicings that you can apply to your slow blues More >

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson Part 2

I have recorded a new acoustic blues guitar lesson video as a follow up to my earlier lesson on how to play the acoustic blues guitar style.

It is important that watch part 1 first so that you are up to date and can follow along with the secound lesson which deals with adding chords and melody, as More >

How To Play Acoustic Blues Guitar Video Lesson

I’ve had a few requests about how to play acoustic blues guitar  and since I already teach this style to some of my students over Skype I thought it would be a good idea to start a series on this style.

Don’t worry I’ll still be writing many lessons on how to better your jazz guitar chops, but More >

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