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Jimmie Vaughan Guitar Lesson

This article is a Jimmie Vaughan guitar lesson that focuses mostly on Jimmie’s later guitar style in his solo career.

Some of the greatest “white blues” recordings of all time are the early Fabulous Thunderbirds albums which feature Jimmie Vaughan on guitar.

9 Must Know Electric Blues Guitar More >

Soloing with Intervals: Mixolydian 6ths on Guitar

In the last lesson on soloing with intervals we studied Dorian3rd intervals and began to look at how to incorporate them into Blues solos, riffs and improvisations. This two part series is featured in an extended version and with a whole range of other Blues guitar lessons in 30 Days to Better More >

9 Must Know Electric Blues Instrumentals

Besides been great to listen to for leisure purposes, blues instrumentals are excellent pieces to learn for the studying blues guitarist.

Blues instrumentals feature great licks, comping patterns, and interesting arrangements that can break your set up as well as provide a challenge.

These More >

5 Cool Blues Guitar Licks

Having a good selection of blues guitar licks is a guaranteed way to sound good when improvising over a blues progression.

Although it’s good to leave some room for pure improvisation, every guitarist I can think of always has a set licks to fall back on and this lesson includes 5 personal More >

5 Minor Blues Guitar Licks

In this lesson I have written out 5 minor blues guitars licks with audio examples, tab and notation.

The first blues progressions guitarists get introduced to is usually the major blues which can result in the minor blues getting neglected so this article should help balance out the two More >

3 Essential Acoustic Blues Chords

Acoustic blues chords are an important part of learning blues guitar and learning to use them is a skill that improves accompanying skills and soloing techniques.

Although the chords in this article can be applied to jazz, electric blues, and even rock, I have used them in acoustic blues examples More >

How to Play Blues Rhythm Guitar

Blues rhythm guitar is often put on the back seat as most players tend to focus lead guitar playing which is cool, but for me there’s just as much fun to be had in laying down a good groove which is what this lesson is about.

Chances are that if you have been playing the guitar for a couple of More >

Learn 5 Essential BB King Licks Today

BB King licks are an essential part of developing a well rounded blues language.

In this article I have written out 5 BB King licks that showcase BB’s signature slow blues guitar style by demonstrating the techniques he’s known for such as raking, vibrato, the BB box and jazz guitar More >

Top 5 Blues Guitar Riffs

The lessons on this website tend to focus on the technical aspects of guitar playing such as comping, soloing, and repertoire, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for jamming along to some great blues guitar riffs.

In today’s lesson I will be counting down my personal top 5 blues guitar More >

Jazz Blues Chord Substitutions Guide

In today’s article I will explain how to use jazz blues chord substitutions so that you can develop your harmonic pallet as a jazz or blues guitarist and expand your chordal and comping chops. The blues is an important ingredient of jazz music, and it’s one of the guitarist’s favorite forms to More >

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